Iglu & wymyWammy - impro shows

Iglu & wymyWammy – impro shows

Zapraszamy na wspaniałe otwarcie nowego roku!!! Zawitają u nas CUDOWNI improwizatorzy z Ljubljany – Teatr IGLU! Będzie wybornie 🙂

Najpierw zagramy dla Was my – wymyWammy, a na deser nasi zacni słoweńscy goście.
Pierwszy spektakl improwizowany będzie po polsku, drugi po angielsku.

IGLU – Improvisational Theatre of Ljubljana:
IGLU – Improvisational Theatre of Ljubljana are Peter Frankl, Vid Sodnik and Juš Milčinski. Three performers joined their forces into a performing crew with the intention for a professional approach to the improvisational arts. Although young, but experienced actors perform regularly in Ljubljana, all around Slovenia and are becoming more and more active all across Europe and North America.

IGLU are regular visitors of numerous international festivals where they’ve been teaching, learning and performing. They have performed in Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, France, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and different cities in Canada and USA. The cast is proud to be a part of the European improv project Ohana and ITI – International Theatresports Institute.

The performance Chairs, which has been designed by a Swiss-Slovenian creative duo Vid Sodnik (IGLU theatre) and Gerald Weber (theater anundpfirsich), looks for inspiration in the positional layout of the performing space. The rhythm and the content of scenes are dictated by the layout of stage furniture – chairs, tables, couches … anything the performers can get their hands on! Let’s imagine that stage props are not merely there as a requisite to help the content, but are its main creators. Let’s imagine that everyday objects are not only tools of our lives, but their main determiners!

11|01|2020, g. 19.00

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